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What is a Protestant? Christians who are: Non-denominational, Pentecostal, Baptist, Methodist; Lutheran, etc.
What is the Protestant Group? (PG) It is for anyone to debate religion of any kind. To explore protestant and reformed theology, share and seek encouragement in our walk with the Lord. That's it! No Rules, Just Right.

This pornographic life must begin on our knees, agonizing over what God would have us do to deepen our love for Him, for our spouses, for our fellow believers, and, finally, for a world that hates our God, and us, by flaunting its twisted view of sex in our faces, in our children’s faces, and in the face of our God, the Creator.
Please note: The PG is primarily a space to talk about PMO, Religion; and a safe place to respectfully disagree. If you desire a more supportive space without conflict, we highly recommend the Christian Group. Or even better Both!

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I'm 30, male, and United Methodist. I've been serving as pastor to a local parish for 3 and a half years. I'm popping into this group in addition to the other places around the forums I've been posting. Discovering this community a few days ago has been very helpful! God bless you all.