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Today marks one year of no P or M for me. I have been here once before. This time, I do not plan on ever going back.

Thanks to all of you here who encourage and support me in my recovery journey each and every day. This past year would not have happened without this community. God bless you all!
goodnice 2.0 more_vert
goodnice 2.0
Tao you are such an inspiration, an example of a Godly man. Like with David, i think God would say that you are “a man after my heart”. Congrats on 1 year free!!! Incredible
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Mr. McMarty more_vert
Mr. McMarty
Congratulations! I know you have the grace of God and have also worked very hard.
stands to reason more_vert
stands to reason
Congratulations @Tao Jones for reevaluating and honoring your marriage vows. [Stands To Reason] is glad for you. God bless you, Tao.
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matt_ttamc more_vert
Well done man, you inspire me everyday!
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70*7 more_vert
Awesome achievement! Well done. No words really. You have made the impossible possible (with the Lord's help!).
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officialtalosfanclub more_vert
Congrats, brother. God is so good.
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Healed! more_vert
Congratulations. Onward to 2 years.
Barnabas_ more_vert
Congratulations Brother. Well done. Your commitment to recovery is inspirational. You have inspired me and helped in the recent weeks so much.
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Barnabas_ more_vert
I give glory for this to our Lord, Jesus Christ.
emanuel_free more_vert
Congratulations! God will keep blessing you! He is our refugee for sure!
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