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Hey guys! I decided to try nofap and fix things that I'll no longer tolerate in my life. That decision came only recently and even after short period of time I feel that I'm improving myself mentally and slowly returning to my 'old me'. I didn't get too deep into 'sissy hypnosis' world so I guess that's why it's a bit easier for me. However there's something that's crippling to my recovery and I'm interested if anyone else has a same feeling. Like after few days of complete abstinence of PMO, I'd get no urges of its own but if something triggers me, like an ad with a nice looking woman in it, I'd instantly get a feeling as if I'm to reach O without any physical stimuli. It almost feels like hands-free O. I'd completely ignore the feeling and stop it, but I always get a bit down because I'm afraid how that affects my recovery and if that's enough for me to reset my counter. So I get no O and I don't pursue that feeling with erotic thoughts, I instantly move away from it by thinking of job related hardships, but idk if that's normal and if it kills my progress or not. Does anyone else experience that feeling? Please advise.
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What you're describing all of us has felt. That's what makes this hard. Stay away from sexual stimuli at all costs during this journey and it will be a lot easier. Also it's nice to have another person join to free themselves from this.