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Hey guys! hope you're doing well.

I actually did the deed today(not touching myself but only reading)
. I intentionally read one of those graphic P( don't know why even started it) but I was in control. After few minutes, I was able to sense the pulsation in my D. I think it was probably bcoz of increased sensitivity due to Nofap. And I came.

But I don't regret it. I came to know about alot of things. Im very happy I managed to go this far (nearly 2 months) in my first try.

Is reset my counter. I'm going for it again!
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Inception 10
I don't think so, never ever use your hands on D. Otherwise it will drain your energy because you are forcing this to happen.
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Black ∆ Fang
Yes I'll pay attention. Thanks
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Black ∆ Fang
But in reality. I was so sensitive that even didn't touch my D. It happened automatically.
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Black ∆ Fang
I realised whatever I wrote misguided u into thinking that I was stroking. In reality I didn't touch it. Though I worded it correctly now.