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I am on 100th day but I don't know why I am having these nightfall consecutivly with 2-3 days gap. It has started after 80 days .Has any one faced this situation?
u376 more_vert
Bhai nightfalls are not bad.....they are a sign of improvement
u376 more_vert
when we dont masturbate....then during the initial days of rebooting....excess of semen get ejaculated in the for m of nightfall
Black ∆ Fang more_vert
Black ∆ Fang
I think this phase is a very sure-thing-to-happen case. I along with one other fapstronauts went through this. But don't worry, it's very normal. Just stay on the tracks.
Ra€¥hul more_vert
Thanks a lot my friend.