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What games are you guys playing through? I'm currently playing through Mass Effect 3 for the first time.
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Greenbeans76 more_vert
Destroy all humans 2.....
Fraladin more_vert
WoW Classic. This game is a nice distraction from PMing
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land0213 more_vert
Plants VS Zombies 2. A lot harder than the first game making it more fun. I ran the entire Mass Effect Series last year and I don’t regret it.
Become Free more_vert
Become Free
Witcher 3 for the second time on Death March difficulty, It has alot of nudity which doesn't help but I play it anyway xD
Greenbeans76 more_vert
haven't played it yet I used to have it my 360 collection. I have the dlc disk but not the main one....its supost to be a great title.i might pick it up again next month.i best destroy all humans 2.
Dim Meadow more_vert
Dim Meadow
I just competed the Dead Space Trilogy two days ago. I had previously completed Ds3 but now I did it in classic mode to unlock the Devil's Horns. My god is it a fun weapon!
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MASSDEBATE1972 more_vert
hi been gaming for like 20-30 years. no exaggeration. just recently i choose to stop and try and give it up. I gave up for a couple of months then i relapsed. then for another 3 months then relapsed. Then i gave my origin account to my brotherinlaw. Now i am playing games but only SWTOR. Still questioning it and maybe having another crack at giving up. The problem is when i gave up I had nothing to fall onto that was that stimulating as gaming is. So id relapse again. Giving up gaming is tough gig.
CodeTalker more_vert
I stopped gaming for a month, it was hard. I want to play again but in a much more limited time. Like 2h tops per day.
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