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Hey Indian brothers

I know there r guys who r new and want to get out of this addiction btw I m not a new guy here I came back to just give u this important and useful information.
This important news is
No doubt nofap is a great site and it helps us
But here r very few people who knew how to get out of this addiction the nofap way of getting out of this addiction is based on building new healthy habits and goals but I swear I tried it many times it doesn't work
Like doing exercise is great for health and is also great for our brain recovery from this addiction but it cant help u get out of this addiction Then what is the reason why we can't get out of this addiction with the nofap

The reason is lust because this addiction is based on lust and lust is a very powerful and compulsive emotion within us we cannot handle it by reading a book or by taking a supplement or a medicine or by going for a walk or by taking healthy diets and working out although all of these habits like exercise / book reading / eating healthy or taking any sort of medicine or supplement are great for recovery of our brains and restoring our brain chemicals but it cannot make u become completely sober isn't it.... If I m not right please comment
But the main thing is that nofap is not giving us the ultimate solution and many new guys become confuse because of all these posts about healthy habit building way of nofap...

The ultimate solution is
And only the spiritual power within us can help us kill the powerful lust force
There are few other things which can add on are accountability and
Sharing our story with others....
Nothing no medicine not healthy food no amount of working out worked for me until I realized Only God can keep me out of this addiction
Thank u