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hi there!
I need a serious ap or a group. I am 23 and need someone to support me on my nofap journey. I had an ap before and with his help i was able to go for a couple of 10 days streaks. This was great for me cause i was never able to abstain for more than a week and which was also rare. For some reason my previous ap is not responding for a while and i am relapsing too ever since. I cant take this any more. i need serious help, someone with a little experience. I also want to try a group to see if its more effective. I am willing to form a new group if anyone interested or i can also join an existing group if they are open.
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Hey man, in my personal experience as long as i've been in this forum, AP's and groups just aren't consistent. Everyone seems to be hyped when they join a group or have an AP but long term, the communication becomes more and more scarce.
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hmm... so what is the alternative