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DAY 2 of personal 14 day challenge:
had no major urges today but it was only my second day.I know things will be a little hard after 4 days no pun intended. But those are the days that really count to test my mettle.i had done it before i can do it again. i will definitely get through and will emerge victorious .
A Message to my FUTURE SELF:
Remember what you have promised to yourself and a person is as good as promises he keep. YOU ARE A STRONG PERSON you can keep your promise.YOU ARE NOT PATHETIC. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING AND YOU WILL. Remember a day will come when you will think that its okay to indulge ,the demon mind of yours will try to trick you. DONT FELL FOR IT. You know how to spot him. Whenever he came dont take his presence lightly, dont tolerate him. You have too tolerant of everything even your bad habits. IT HASNT WORKED OUT FOR YOU. CHANGE YOUR MINDSET OF JUST ACCEPTING THING AS THEY ARE. DONT DO THAT. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD.When the DEMON appears grab him by the Fucking neck and bash his head in ,again and again till there is nothing left. Remember BHAGAT SINGH and all the freedom fighters and all those anime heroes they didnt aacepted the things as they were. PERSEVERANCE . NOT GIVING UP. These are the keys. REMEMBER.
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Krishna Gopala
Ok, are you completing all the resources from the environment, during the challenge period?
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i dont understand what you mean by that.
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i had tried to remove potential triggers before. doing so certainly help to some extent but in the end its your mind that fuck up the things. I had seen that after a period my brain starts making all kind of excuses to make me indulge and then it doesnt matter if i had removed the triggers cause i will find new one. our mind is very resourceful when it comes to pleasure, that little bugger...LOL. Anyway removing trigger resources only help us get through first few days(atleast for me and it may vary from person to person) in the end it yourself and your own brain that you have to face and beat.