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I just wanted to say this that I joined nofap in March 2018 I tried many times I relapsed hard many times before I just pmo once a day in a week or two but since then I pmo more than 2 times a day 3- 4 times a week.
and I want to quit but the theory of nofap doesn't help me. Recently I reached my longest streak 68 days after many 21 days unsuccessful attempts I want to stop it is very bad I want to stop......
But I learned something that there is only one medicine for this addiction only when we start taking care of our spiritual health only when we start engaging in godly service we can come out from lust

Whatever u call the creator Rama Allah waheguru Jesus krishna buddha but start following his will
Start reading spiritual books / spiritual literatures there is written how to live a spiritual life. He just wants us to live a healthy spiritual life it is his will for us....

Remember there is only one solution which is spiritual path

Thank u
u376 more_vert
not only one.....but spirituality sure helps a lot in rebooting
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JamesBaba more_vert
It has helped me a lot and now I can actually Say this that Hari is indd
JamesBaba more_vert
Indeed the saviour of my life.
Deepak678 more_vert
Listen to motivational talks of gurus. I am not a spiritual person, but I have been watching some videos of Sadhguru and sri ravi shankar and it really heals my mind. I not am asking you to follow them, but follow the path of goodness you can choose any route either spirituality or some other route.