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I fap 8 times in a day
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Okay. And? How do you feel about it?
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If you are truly serious about quitting then flood yourself with truthful knowledge, be as prepared as you can possibly be. I highly recommend seeking the assistance of an accountability partner (AP), and one who has had some success with abstaining. Don't give up, you've come to a great community with tons of helpful guidance and resources, so stay a while and frequently engage with others. Blessings to you.
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Okay, you know the problem. How are you going to fix it. Put up roadblocks on the way to porn. Fix the problems that lead you to it. Work until you fall 7 times a day, and then 6 and eventually 0. Any progress you make it helping you. Just don't give in without a fight. Every time you fight, even if you eventually give in, you will get stronger.
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i,ve been end up in bed lying down in silence.
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Whatever happens, just never give up fighting and trying, no matter how impossible it might look right now, but you will win if you don't give up. And of course, always ask a Good for forgiveness and help.