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I have a question: What do you guys think of the porn industry attacking nofap? What do you think should be done about it?
Nuhope more_vert
I think most people working for porn industry know or feel that this is not the right way. I can't imagine that anybody think of it as something honorable. But they get stuck in it, maybe because of money, because they don't want to get to the better site. Or they got blind by stucking in it, fearing for their money. Whatever it is, the do not do the fight we do - and it is maybe to hard for them to be neutral concerning nofap.
Trevorphilipz more_vert
Interesting thought. The people who work in porn get stuck and can't find a way out or get lost in it and loose their sense of direction. And there are those who don't share the faith who work in porn and like it because they see it as fulfilling one of their basic needs. Or they just find it fun and enjoyable.