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From E.M Bound's book, "purpose in prayer"

"Surely, brethren, if we have given whole days to folly, we can afford a space for heavenly wisdom. Time was when we gave whole nights to chambering and wantonness, to dancing and the world’s revelry; we did not tire then; we were chiding the sun that he rose so soon, and wishing the hours would lag awhile that we might delight in wilder merriment and perhaps deeper sin. Oh, wherefore, should we weary in heavenly employments? Why grow we weary when asked to watch with our Lord? Up sluggish heart, Jesus calls thee! Rise and go forth to meet the Heavenly Friend in the place where He manifests Himself.” We can never expect to grow in the likeness of our Lord unless we follow His example and give more time to communion with the Father. A revival of real praying would produce a spiritual revolution."

This spoke to me strongly as it remind me that our time matters and what we prioritize in that time matters. We waste our time as it is so why not use those idle moments to seek the Lord? Today I make one week, first time in two months and what's helped me the most is this... Spending time with God. It sounds simple yet it is so profound. Overall, ones love and delight for the Lord grows. I encourage you to make time for Him this week . Just as we make time to hangout with friends, how much more with God?!
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Tao Jones
Discovery of your "sacred pathway" to connecting with God can be most helpful! Time with him is not wasted and it need never be dull or tiresome. If you are connecting in the way he has made you, it is always life-giving to do so.
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It reminds me of a personality test but in context of devotion!
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