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Lent! Let’s go!
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1StP412 more_vert
Let us pray, fast and give!
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Cuauhtli more_vert
Good time to more intentionally fast from P and M! Blessed Lent!
Sleepless island more_vert
Sleepless island
Blessed Lent to everyone
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Roader to Freedom more_vert
Roader to Freedom
A great time to change yourself!
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Monachos more_vert
Sackcloth and ashes and days without eeating
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kb117 more_vert
Amen. Let us grow closer to our LORD as He fasted in the desert for 40 days and nights and was tempted by the devil, yet overcame and won!
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Adan more_vert
I thank God for been able to see so many people is fighting in this time! Thanks to you also brothers!