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Hello everyone, I'm new to this. I am a porn addict who came here on my own. I sometimes hate myself because I have this problem. It has not allowed me to grow as a person. I know we are all going through our trials during this time. But today, I had a mini panic attack. And I stepped back to calm myself down, then I began to think about my health. I have been in denial about my addiction. It's been almost 20 years, I want to be a better me. Like most men, I want a family and teach my future children to be themselves. I want to be a loving man to the woman I love. I am scared at times. If anyone is there that feels the same.
Talk soon.... Gibson_Fender
JasonMamoa more_vert
I've had panic attacks on this journey.I literally choked on many important moments of my life. If your body is going through withdrawals then congratulations you are recovering. You can't give up. Failure is not an option. Meditate every morning. And tell yourself You control your mind not the other way around.