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Hi, I am new, and this is my first time I decided i'll quit those practice. One of the reasons is that I became closer to God and his Word, and won't like to never commit again such sins like this ones. Sorry if I make mispelling, english is not my mother language. Oh, and also, fun fact: I am a girl, and since this place is more for boys (and I havent seen much girls), I feel like I am misplaced, However, I hope you'll understand to what I came here for, other tan support, and I'll ask you to give me support as I am New. So... Hiii✨!
Monachos more_vert
You are not misplaced. You are where you need to be. Please be careful of predatory people as there are some even here. I seem to recall a post that warns women about that. I cannot remember where offhand.Please stay close to God and his word.