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So last night, I was reading some red pill content. I also read about women's sexuality and s*x-guide books to increase my knowledge. My last relapse was on 20th April or something.

But last night, I encountered an urge to peek at P. All favourite scenes started flashing and i gave in to the urges. Watched and searched but never relapsed. I started it on 3 am or something and ended up till 4-4.30am.

Though I am not feeling drained at all, but my balls hurt like crazy. And there's some pain in my right leg too. I decided to wank and start it all over again so the pain subsides but then realized that abstaining in lockdown is very hard and it will be very hard to reach this point again.

MORAL OF THE STORY- NEVER,EVER and I mean EVER Peak! It'll leave you devastated.
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The thing thing happened. But I didn't wank (luckily). I saw a trigger which led me to search more of it and I found myself getting caught in it.... My hand was doing its own thing you know what I mean... I was loosing the battle..... But then I immediately closed everything and stated thinking what all I was about to lose if I continued it for sometime longer..... So I pulled my hand back and finally stopped. Right now I'm feeling good. MORAL :- It's these hard days that count, if you abstrain during this period you reach a higher level, a level which can't be calculated in days...
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Rohit kumar chowdary
Is there any group in WhatsApp and telegram for Indian fapstraunts
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Good . Wish I Could Do that.
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