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I am not happy revealing I broke my first streak of 45 days with no fab community.That was the frustated day with felling this covid -19 never gonna end life will remain fucked.Since than I am not able to take it to more than a week.This is gonna be my 4 rth attempt I will try this time to take it to 90 days.
You can wish me good luck it will bost my confidence :).
gyarados more_vert
you can do and you will
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quit@porn more_vert
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I have never seen someone who has acheived this in one go.... But, those who ket on doing it, improved themselves and finally came of of it.... I wont assure u will reach 90 , which u can definitely. But I want u to reach at least 46 brother..... Best luck
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HelpfulRN more_vert
You can do it, Good Luck
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Halyan2911 more_vert
Really sorry to hear that. It's really disappointing for us to go that far and fail...but try to learn a lesson from that failure or else you'll not be able to make it even 45 this time. Consistency is the key and it the thing that can get you out of this. Stay strong brdr you can do it❤️❤️
Varshiva more_vert
Lot of inspiration.Thank you all !! .
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