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Post published by Varshiva

I am not happy revealing I broke my first streak of 45 days with no fab community.That was the frustated day with felling this covid -19 never gonna end life will remain fucked.Since than I am not able to take it to more than a week.This is gonna be my 4 rth attempt I will try this time to take it to 90 days.
You can wish me good luck it will bost my confidence :).
gyarados more_vert
you can do and you will
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quit@porn more_vert
[email protected]
I have never seen someone who has acheived this in one go.... But, those who ket on doing it, improved themselves and finally came of of it.... I wont assure u will reach 90 , which u can definitely. But I want u to reach at least 46 brother..... Best luck
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HelpfulRN more_vert
You can do it, Good Luck
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