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Hey all,
You likely know it already, but here's the link for the prophet's message today:

Maybe we can rally and do a sort of #givethanks here? You don't have to post one here everyday, heaven knows there's enough social media already, but it would be fun to see that spill over here a little.
Tannhauser more_vert
I was just coming here to say this same thing. I am so grateful for this site and for this group in particular. You have all strengthened my resolve and my testimony. I am grateful for the atonement and for the ability to not only repent, but to turn weaknesses into strength. #givethanks
AntiqueRevolverGuy more_vert
i'm thankful that even though ive been dirty, i can still see who i am.
AntiqueRevolverGuy more_vert
Thank ful for the ability to pray, and the ability to dream.
the ability to help others even when i'm weak.
for all that i've been able to experience and enjoy
thankful for all the knowledge that i have
thankful for the ability to perceive beauty
thankful for the ability to love
and thankful for Christ for his ultimate sacrifice on our behalf