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Hi all, I had a relapse today but didn't watch P. I'm not going to be hard on myself, I had M instead of going full steam when I had an urge. I thought if it's inevitable for me to have a relapse let me not go all the way as I did not have the will power to resist. I once stopped P for about a year and when I stopped I had M so that I don't have urges to watch P. Although I want both to stop, I won't be hard on myself. The P is really the worst for me and in the long term I want to live free from sexual immorality. I'm just glad that I didn't watch P honestly.

I know it's wrong for me to have M, which is a sin. But if I cannot handle an urge and it feels inevitable to give in then I feel like using M to get it off is better so that as time goes on the neural pathways of P in my brain will get weaker and weaker and make it easier for me to overcome.
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I have to say that for me that hasn´t worked at all brother. I have not used P for around 2 years now, but M have not stopped. What has happened is that I have ended up being too skilled in fantasizing, to the point that my fantasies came up when I wake in the middle of the night and am too weak to resist. Beware of that. Urges come from images in our brain that need to be avoided too, and it is hard and takes mental effort to do it. We need to be skilled in rejecting sensual fantasies when they come and putting something worthy on our brain instead of it.

I know you will fight.
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