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If you try to force your brain to think that anime characters are not a part of human civilization then you won't be aroused by them, your brain will think its beastality if you have sex with a cartoon. Remember whenever you get aroused upon seeing a woman, your brain thinks its a potential partner to breed so your brain thinks that these hentai women exists in real world that is why you get aroused from them. So simply just tell your brain that anime characters are not women or potential partners and does not exist, affirm yourself and you won't be aroused by even a mere thought of hentai, show your brain whos the boss. Brainwash yourself that hentai does not exist and its just basically animal porn. Convince your brain that you cannot put your dick inside a screen or an extraterrestrial animal which does not exist and you look like a fucking dumbass when you get aroused in general.
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Fractured Mindset
I'm going to argue that because I knew my material wasn't real, it gave me the detachment i needed to get hooked
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I used to think hentai is hot and these cartoon characters likes me and wants it from me and that is why i was hooked to it. And yeha it also gave a sense of detachment from the pain, but soon I realised the more I numb the pain using hentai the worse the pain gets when reality strikes back. Detachment feels nice but its poison.
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I think everyone has a different reason for looking at hentai. I'd say most people like it because anime art in general exaggerates the most attractive parts of the body.