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Hey guys, I haven't been on here for a while. I hope you all are doing well and greetings to the new brethren in the group. I have been falling and drifting so far from God the P has been desensitizing me like crazy where I feel I don't wanna do anything. PMO'ing 3 times in a single day sometimes and it's crazy. I watched something the other day and thought to myself afterwards how could I watch this to see this woman in this pain undergoing these things just for money is sickening. Man, I have went through some hectic stuff in my life. I feel like such a damaged person. I need support guys, I need the love and prayer of my brothers and sisters. I don't even feel like I can pray and the reason I stayed away is because I felt like there's no use in me being here and that it won't help. I love you guys, pray for me
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Tao Jones
Praying. We recover from this addiction one day at a time. Don't lose hope and don't grow weary in the fight. Reaching out when you most feel unworthy of doing so is the indication that you are ready to move forward. I am cheering you on!
skybrowser more_vert
This is what the enemy wants for you to feel like there's no point just give in