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Hello my friends. Tell you that I am on day 52 PMO free, but I am exhausted and tired. My mind is exhausted. All the mental resistance that I do against impure thoughts leaves me without strength. I'm feeling down. I need you to pray for me. My name is Christian.
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Vir more_vert
Praying for you, Christian. Right now. May God refresh you.
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Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
Praying! Learn to lean into Christ and let him do the fighting for you in his strength. It is impossible to get free and stay free, otherwise. God bless you as you pursue the Son!
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Myfortress more_vert
Praying, don’t give in. The enemy knows that of you get past 60 days you gave a better chance of permanent success. So he is working overtime and your are winning!
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CI-MA more_vert
Praying for you. Need your mutual prayers for other Fapstronauts like I am.
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Kemar935 more_vert
Praying for you! 52 days is amazing, don't give in now!
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WindWolf more_vert
I know it sounds cliche, but these mental and spiritual droughts are exactly the times you grow in strenght by persevering in spite of lacking strenght (that you are aware of).
Personally I found that fasting is of tremendous help in times of weeknes; just generally running to God and searching for Him with your all, even just for a day.
Hope it helps
skybrowser more_vert
In two of my longest streaks I felt the same way, exhausted, but I felt a great amount of disappointment when I caved in. My problem was that I would entertain thoughts then by my might try resist; doing this over and over made me tired because I was trying to overcome this by using my flesh. It seems so obvious to me now that I see that it is better to nip those thoughts in the bud rather than letting them get you worked up. These videos may help