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The world teaches:
- Behave the way we want you to
- Believe the way we want you to
- Then you can belong to our group!

But Jesus teaches:
- You already belong. You are welcome to come home to him any time.
- Safe in belonging, you can grow in trust to learn to believe him and everything he has said.
- As you internalize that belief, your behavior WILL change.

But if we want to act rightly, we must first believe rightly!
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I wish I could "like" this one thousand times.
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Not too long ago I was talking about this with another Christian that some people just do not want to believe. There are non-believers who ask questions with an open mind because they are genuinely seeking the truth but then they're people who ask questions with the mindset that there is no answer to them, so that way they feel justified in their unbelief when people cannot answer their questions. One problem is that many people see this as a typical religion and that's what deters them.
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