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Hello, my name is Emmanuel, I want to start 90days free from porn and masturbation, I'm an addict for 10yrs now. I really need help so that I can stop it. I have serious side effects of excessive masturbation.
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Hello! Thanks for visiting us and leaving a message. You're in the right place! Have you taken any steps so far to break your addiction?
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Welcome! If I can be of assistance let me know. I went 70 days and failed. But started again learning not to give up nor to let my guard down. I’m now on 22 days looking for 90
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No, I haven't taken any step yet, please I need assistance
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The best place to start is by reading this article. It will explain why porn addiction affects us and what we can do to stop it. You also need a plan for what you will do when you feel an urge to give in to porn or masturbation. Develop healthy habits of discipline: a lot of people do things like exercise, more reading, less sugar, and cold showers.