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I was doing great til the covid shutdown happened.

Maybe some of you can relate. I was doing so well last year. I think I had 90 days without P. I was growing and getting more involved with my church. Then covid happened. At first the lockdowns were a blessing. A break from work. I was able to paint the exterior of my house. I kept getting up at 5am but would watch lessons from Dave Ramseys financial peace university. I was still listening to teachings. But about 3 or 4 weeks into the shut down (I work construction and my state had us shut down for 5 weeks) I fell back into my old addiction.

Things have been better. But sometimes I can only last a week. I opened up about this to an elder at my church. Things are getting better but at this point I am just sick of it. Its like a cold that just wont go away. Its been almost 3 years since I was born again and first became disgusted with this sin. Almost 3 years and sometimes it seems like there hasnt been that much progress.

It haunts me to think I might one day be on my death bed and have never conquered this sin.
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Tao Jones
The only day that matters in recovery is Today. Today we choose to repent and turn away from sin, Today we choose to serve the Lord instead of ourselves, today we commit to doing whatever it takes to get free and stay free, no matter what.

Welcome. I hope we can be a support to you in your journey toward Christ and Christ-likeness.
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Romans 6 23
Good to see your smiling face Tao.
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Romans 6 23
Glad youre still here helping to bear burdens. I feel like ive made progress but still fall off the wagon but at least my resets are shorten than they used to be...
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Just keep fighting it brother. Get in the word and think about scripture instead of the old thoughts of fantasy. I have had those thoughts what if I don't beat it. But that's just the devil trying to get us down. You will overcome just got to resist and fight it with all you are. Pick yourself up and keep trying.