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Our lives are about far more than just quitting PMO. Indeed, one of the best tools in our arsenal to combat the desire to indulge in that cheap, plastic thrill is to be actively engaged in pursuing our true, deep purpose in life.

What's yours? What gets you out of bed in the morning?
PatrickJames more_vert
I think that can be the best way to transcend PMO addiction: find a purpose that drives you and focus on that.
Romans 6 23 more_vert
Romans 6 23
Im a heating guy that does mostly new construction. And I have to say I really feel like I am in my "sweet spot". Ken Coleman describes it as where your greatest talents meet your greatest passion. Yes there are some days that are terrible. But for the most part I love what I do. I dont dread Monday mornings.
CPilot more_vert
I retired a couple of years ago from a career many would envy but frankly I don't miss it at all. Along with my lofty position came constant, literally 24/7, stress and worry. My wife has always dreamed of a small farm and I wanted her to realize her dream. Although is not my dream retirement life, I am slowly learning (learning slowly seems to be my style) that sacrifice with love can bring joy.
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Tao Jones more_vert
Tao Jones
Our purpose in life is not freedom from PMO. Freedom is just the gateway that allows us to step boldly into our purpose (Galatians 5:1). Likewise, our purpose in life often lies outside the bonds of our 9-to-5 work, although it is good to find satisfaction in that if we can! Finally, our purpose changes from season to season, I think.

@Romans 6 23 Nice! I am in the trades myself, and I have also found it to be a rewarding line of work.
Romans 6 23 more_vert
Romans 6 23
I definitely agree that our purpose is more than our jobs. Though I will admit I am often times the first at a party to ask "so what line of work are you in?" But am also genuinely interested in what people do. Work is also a great place to do ministry. And the bible is full of verses about work especially in ecclesiastes and proverbs. God has a special purpose for everyones lives. I will also add my wife currently has a much harder job - stay at home mom! A tough job anyways but especially during a pandemic.