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Intense cravings after 3 weeks.

Maybe some of you nofap veterans can help out here. So for about a year I never went more than a week (2 weeks tops) without porn. Now I'm getting serious and Saturday was 3 weeks. And for some reason weeks 1 and 2 were actually pretty easy. No real urges or cravings.

Something happened around day 20. My urges are through the roof. Just finished reading and rereading on YBOP and I am going to be the "red X" visualizations

One interesting thing i read on YBOP was how the intermittent users will get more intense cravings. I think thats a big part of this for me. This is the longest I have abstained in over a year.

I will change things up a bit. Instead of asking for you guys to pray. Can i pray for you or someone in your life? I know I really need to spend more time talking with our heavenly Father. How can I pray for you brothers and sisters?
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Matthew Jacob more_vert
Matthew Jacob
My best friends (brothers) recently lost their mother to suicide. Please pray for them to find our Heavenly Father to fill the void left by the intense sense of abandonment they feel right now. Stay strong, you know He will never stop loving you!
007malone more_vert
I love this!! prayer requests !! I’m praying for you that you will receive the willpower to overcome those urges in Jesus mighty name amen! I’d love if you pray for me. I have a girl that I’m interested in . Also for physical healing. Matthew Jacob, I’m praying for your friends family that they’ll get through this tough time, also for you brother. God bless all!
Ready to Stop more_vert
Ready to Stop
Love this idea! I just prayed for everyone who has commented so far. I could use some prayer for God to show me how to find my peace and joy in him rather than continue to search for it in worldly possessions and things.