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I read some parts of "the seven spiritual weapons" by st catherine of bologna.These lines helped me a lot while in temptation.

Blessed and more than blessed is that religious,who is always tempted and never consents, as God says in the Apocalypse:The one who conquers, I will make a column in my temple(Apoc 3.12) and so also says his glorious apostle
St. James: Blessed is the man who suffers temptation because when he has been proven,he will receive the crown of life.

Therefore,they are deceived who come to the service of God believing that they will serve him with sweetness and gentleness of spirit and mental peace, because this is not what God gives to his faithful servants; rather, he invites them to battle, saying:Whoever wishes to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me(Mt 16.24).
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Thanks for this thought provoking post. I went to Mt. 16:24 in the Knox bible but didn't find the first part of your second paragraph there. Is the entire quote from the bible? If so, what version are you referencing? Thanks for the help.
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Only the line which starts after the colon is the from bible(whoever wishes.....),rest r words of the saint instructing other nuns.
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St. Ignatius of Loyola says the third and perfect humility is to wish to be treated by the Father as He treated His Son.
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That being said, temptation often is the work of the Evil One. If you resist him, solid in your faith, he will leave for a time, and in general the temptations should decrease. Spiritual warfare is a battlefield. Some enjoy great peace most of the time, others are in the frontlines. I hope you can find inner peace and "holy indifference" so that, no matter what, you will be able to fight the good fight.
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