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pray brethren for me, I have strayed from the right path, I am very sick. I'm thinking about suicide because nothing has been going on for years, I don't know how long it will be like this. If someone wants to be my collaborator, I should write to him every day for responsibility
CPilot more_vert
I will help you. Feel free to write to me everyday; either in this forum or via the conversation facility. I will encourage you and I will pray for you. You are precious to the Lord, don't let the devil convince you of anything else.
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CPilot thank you, may God be with you
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Tao Jones
Please feel welcome to send me a message any time, @jos_neko_kopa . You have much better options than suicide, I assure you!
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Feel free to write me as well. You are not alone. Jesus Christ didn't quit on you. He stepped toward His death on the cross for your sins and mine. Don't quit on Him! Don't quit on us!