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Held on today by the Grace of God. I'll be honest. I'm taking this in steps starting with no P. I tried no PMO for a long time and kept falling. I've been doing a lot better overall with just focusing on no P. I briefly looked up videos yesterday (technically not P or anything, but I started my counter over nevertheless). I'm really encouraged by my progress lately. I thought taking this in stages was weak, but finally I decided to accept my weakness and just focus on the first step: getting P out of my life. I know the Lord is merciful and understands my weakness and will get me where I need to be. Anyway, just letting you know my plan and asking for prayer to hold strong and to keep moving forward in His direction.
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Looking back at my failures and discerning the mistakes that led up to them proved to be a very important step for me. Sounds like you are doing the same sort of thing. Looking at P is not healthy and you are wise to rid yourself of it as a first step. Keep striving and keep considering what God wants for you; not only his desires for your actions but more importantly what He wishes to find in your heart. Good work and may God bless you and your quest today.
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Thanks so much for the support CPilot :) Praying for you as well ;)
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