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Hi guys just completed day one!!...Lot of urges..harder than i thought...confused, am i really that weak to handle day one!!.especially the urges are high before i go to do i handle this!! need motivation...kindly help!!
HappyDaysAreHereAgain more_vert
In breaking any addiction, the first days are the worst. It helps to have a support group of friends and family & a list of good options. Pray!
joe242 more_vert
Pray to God he will help you and guide you if you truly whol heartedly believe.
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Constantine Bold more_vert
Constantine Bold
Avoid and dismiss ALL sexual thoughts and lower your gaze?
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AfricanDude more_vert
Try to watch where you are looking, if you can avert your eyes whenever you see something you shouldn't it will make the urges easier to deal with. God bless man, keep praying as I will too!
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