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Lately we've been talking a lot about thoughts and habits. Our thoughts always get into momentum. Think good thoughts and more follow. Think bad thoughts and more follow. So if you're at the top of a hill, we can give our car a small nudge and it'll start going downhill.
Now, you can easily step in front of the car to stop it from going downhill because it gathers any momentum. but if you're at the bottom of that hill? That car gonna be hella painful. And our thoughts are the same. We should stop the negative momentum at the start, not when its crashing into us and out of control.
Turn your focus away from negative things and onto how awesome Jesus is making your life.
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The Errol
Jesus spoke about changing our minds. When He refered to repentance, He said "methanoia". A change in one's mind, and thus, a change in actions too. We should think more godly, or say, more positive and encouraging.
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