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Hi y'all just wanted to introduce myself. My name is AJ, I am a sex, masturbation and fantasy addict. I currently identify as agnostic but am looking for a belief system that feels right to me. I believe in God but I find praying really difficult and weird. I don't know how to form a deeper connection with my higher power and I don't know what community of faith I would fit into. I just know I need more spirituality in my life so I don't feel the need to fill the void with sex and masturbation. Trying to get clean right now and turn my life over to Gods will not my own will. I follow the principles of Narcotics Anonymous and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and part of the program is connecting with a Higher Power of your own choosing. It doesn't even have to be God it can be the 12 step program, nature, whatever you want. I choose to call my higher power GOD because that feels right to me. Just don't know how to feel connected. Thanks for reading :)
{Ananta} more_vert
your mind an body may be confused but i believe your spirit is figuring it all out in time ,great post
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{Ananta} more_vert
does anything show up on reddit if i search nofap
ClearGuy more_vert
Nice post. I'm also new here. Also looking to connect to some higher power and I find praying difficult and awkward. I think that whenever I attain true faith (complete submission to God's will), praying will come naturally. Anyway, good luck.