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May 28, 2015
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Fapstronaut, Male, from Europe

Must read Oct 18, 2015

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May 3, 2017
    1. JoeinMD
      Did you accomplish all your intended goals?
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    2. Atlanticus
      Hello @atak! I see you're back! How's it going?
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    3. Deleted Account
      Deleted Account
      Welcome to the Heirs of the Sun, we are a serious and dedicated group. We will help you on your path towards ridding yourself of this addiction. Best of luck on your journey, Soldier.
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    4. firefighter
      i am male at 25 and at my 21 day and need to complete my 90 day free can we be acountability partner for each other
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    5. atak
    6. InspireMe
      Hey, you're doing great, keep pushing!!!
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    7. atak
      Aspiration over addiction.
    8. atak
      You are either are predator or prey of your thoughts. If you are currently a prey don't identify with that identity. Create a new identity.
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      2. Calm
        Right on man nice words!
        Sep 27, 2015
    9. atak
      Never expect your emotions to align with your new self. Your emotions are aligned with your old self. They meant to hold you in place.
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    10. atak
      Anything that sexually arouses you is detrimental to your reboot.
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      2. sirfapstinence
        However, sexual arousal is an inherent part of us. Human beings are meant to be sexually aroused. So unintentional sexual arousal isn't something that is detrimental and shouldn't be something that we should suppress. Instead, accept as a part of who you are. Self compassion goes a long way. You don't have to feed it but you shouldn't hate it either. Just accept it for what it is. A part of you.
        Sep 26, 2015
      3. Calm
        Nice words. Let me just add it is entirely possible to fully transcend that part of us and enter into the Divine state of consciousness if we so choose. But yes excepting that sexuality is a part of our human nature is natural, just don't intentionally go seeking arousal while rebooting!
        Sep 27, 2015
    11. atak
      What goes around cums around.
    12. atak
      Take control of your life. People who are successful create their own opportunities. Success is slow and hard work, just like NoFap.
    13. atak
      Internal motivation: Based on values [] external motivation: Based on threats and fears. What kind of motivation do you have?
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      2. PotentLife
        Reading the success stories has been the best motivation I've found, because it seems to offer, simply a bigger, longer pleasure than that which I'd been seeking in PMO. It's like a smooth transition. How about yours, atak?
        Sep 23, 2015
      3. atak
        It is about self-love. Somebody who loves himself won't be a drug addict or whatever. Drug addicts hate themselves and only go for pleasure. Somebody who loves himself won't go for short term hedonistic pleasure.
        Sep 23, 2015
    14. atak
      Addiction is like a hook. If it knows it hooked you it will take you in without mercy.
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    15. atak
      The paradox in life:the emotionally hardest things to do is necessary to have a comfortable life.As Fapstronauts we understand this paradox.
    16. atak
      Only one thing is certain in life. We are all going to die. On my deathbed I don't want to have regrets so I will never PMO again.
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    17. atak
      We can't solve our problems with the same thinking that created them - Einstein
    18. atak
      Run your life like a CEO. Plan everything. Even your relapses, so you don't get any surprise relapses.
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      2. Hiro 304
        Hiro 304
        Sep 12, 2015
      3. Icyweb
        Or better yet, plan your battles like a general. Always be on the lookout, and when you aren't sure you can defeat an enemy, work around him.
        Sep 12, 2015
      4. atak
        Doesn't matter. One should never relapse out of spontaneity. If you want to edge/relapse. Plan it, set timer, with a minimum of 1 hour. It that time you will have time to think more logical, urges become less.
        Sep 12, 2015
    19. atak
      Morphy's law: Everything that can happen will happen, to prevent you from what you want.
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    20. atak
      Everybody should ask oneself: why am I an addict? Is it emptiness, depression, frustration, something else? First learn to deal with that.
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