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Basecamp Recovery
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Jul 24, 2022
May 22, 2021
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Basecamp Recovery

New Fapstronaut, Male, from UK

One or two bumps in the road, lesson learnt! soft core potholes can ruin the whole road quickly. A zero tolerance to this shit is the way! Jul 14, 2021

Basecamp Recovery was last seen:
Jul 24, 2022
    1. Basecamp Recovery
      Basecamp Recovery
      One or two bumps in the road, lesson learnt! soft core potholes can ruin the whole road quickly. A zero tolerance to this shit is the way!
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    2. Basecamp Recovery
      Basecamp Recovery
      Over 5 weeks now with no porn trips, therapy progressing well. Cut off all the roads that lead to pornville!!
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    3. Nathan Harris
      Nathan Harris
      Thank you for the follow, mate.
      You seem to be new here. Welcome to NoFap

      How is it going?
      1. Basecamp Recovery
        Basecamp Recovery
        Thanks, yeah new on here but a veteran to a secret losing battle. I have let it rob me of so much over the years and in more recent times its got me to a point where I have to get help. It helps to journal little bits here. Determined to own it and send it packing now.
        May 25, 2021
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    4. Basecamp Recovery
      Basecamp Recovery
      2 weeks into my new reality where the darkness and secracy of my addiction has been exposed to the full light of day.
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    He / Him / His
    At 37 my 25 year private war with porn came to an end. The cycle of search, collect, purge and repeat had been going on in various forms since being a teen, now in the age of high speed Internet the powerful hold of this dark shameful secret has been broken. I feel releived, rescued and able to sleep like a normal person but this will not be without consequence.

    I am now committed to understanding this affliction/addiction. I always knew I had problems but I couldn't kick it alone, nor could I reach out for the shame of the depths I had sunk to.

    Only now can I see how this had bled into all the other areas of my life, despite my living two lives and being completely disconnected from the me I would be with the mac in the middle of the night. That partition has been removed and the two operating systems I had been living under can now be rebooted.

    The pain comes in processing the conflicted data my hidden files stored.

    My partner is loving and understanding that this part of my life doesn't define who I am.

    This mountain we climb together now can only be scaled one day at a time, with love, patience and hope.

    Right now I am at basecamp, when I summit, I want to live a life helping others crack thier own mountains of recovery.


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