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Apr 18, 2017
Apr 20, 2014
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Apr 18, 2017
    1. Captain B
      Captain B
      Thanks, giggleshmack! Almost at triple digits! Yay!
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    2. Caveat Emptor
      Caveat Emptor
      Congrats on reaching over 90 days, B!
    3. Captain B
      Captain B
      Hmmm... How's your social life? Maybe go out more often on the weekends? Other than that I can highly recommend cold showers to fight off urges. A bit unpractical if you are about to go to bed though. Ever tried learning an instrument? It's what I do whenever I get urges - I play the guitar. Do you still have P on your computer? If so: delete it. Can't stop visiting the specific websites? Install K9 or something similar and block those websites. Or how about doing sports on a friday / saturday evening? That'll get you tired enough to fall asleep and it also benefits your health!

      Just a bit of brainstorming, hope I could help!
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    4. koolkid59

      I need your help and advice. I want to get rid of my porn and masturbation addiction. I usually have the problem on friday and saturady nights. I rarely PMO throughout the week because I'm occupied with work and study plus I get tired. I rarely have any sleep on friday and saturday night which fuels my sexual urges. Once I have these sexual urges, I feel like I can't escape the urge and that the only way out is to give in to PMO. I feel like I'm in an helpless state. On these sleepless nights, I try to keep myself occupied with something to keep my mnid off but I just can't because the only thing I feel like doing is PPMO. Any practical ideas on putting a stop to this addiction?
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    Started off going for a 90-day-reboot.
    Ended up not masturbating for +400 days.
    I'm done with P and trying to find a healthy way to deal with M.

    Here is a pretty extensive report on my first +100 days :)