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October 30

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have been so focused on work i don't even think about jacking off 41 days so far so good have a day off just going to try and stay busy. Nov 14, 2023

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Jan 9, 2024
    1. CrazyCoin
      have been so focused on work i don't even think about jacking off 41 days so far so good have a day off just going to try and stay busy.
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    2. CrazyCoin
      Porn will destroy your life if you let it,It hurts when no one can count on you because of your addiction,
    3. CrazyCoin
      Just think about how much better your life would be without porn, it will only hold you back in life get away from it.
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    4. CrazyCoin
      wondering if i should burn my journals, if i ever pass on i dont want my family to know what a addict i watch porn all the time..?
      1. BranchingOut
        Definitely shred them. I gotta destroy my shit because I need to take those secrets with me to the grave lol. I don't want another soul to read THOSE texts
        Jul 26, 2023
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    5. CrazyCoin
      i failed damit..back on day 1 tommorrow..
    6. CrazyCoin
      i survived another night i can do this
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    7. CrazyCoin
      Because im getting free time again porn is attacking my brain again trying to turn me back weak and wasteing my life again on this crap
    8. CrazyCoin
      I been so busy doing other stuff and fixing things i havent't jacked off for 3 weeks now, but now my time is free again, which is not good..
    9. CrazyCoin
      relapsed stressful day at work..someone else received a promotion instead of me, i have been with the company longer, What the Fuck...
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    10. CrazyCoin
      If i had stopped watching porn earlier in life i wonder how much better it would have been,I've been addicted for years i want to be free
      1. Deleted Account
        Deleted Account
        Always wonder this also.
        Apr 1, 2023
      2. Mara43
        You can't change your past, but you can build a better future
        Apr 2, 2023
    11. CrazyCoin
      Porn tricked me again...this is really a on going battle you can be fooled if you don't protect your mind.
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    12. CrazyCoin
      did 5 days then i relapsed was my day off so was watching some anime got triggered and i went online and it looked at hentai. will do better
    13. CrazyCoin
      Fixed my Car time to work and get away from porn last week was to many issues which made me relapse, but not this week
    14. CrazyCoin
      relapsed..guess i am just disappointed and depressed, lost 3,000 dollars my car broke game constantly lagging feel like shit
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      2. Azzure
        We can bounce back! God knows we can.
        Mar 3, 2023
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    15. CrazyCoin
      feel that urge just have to say No NO NO not today! cant let porn control you
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      2. RL1X
        Not today!
        Mar 16, 2023
    16. CrazyCoin
      i hate porn sometimes i think about all i could have done better in life had i not been so stuck watching porn i need to get rid of it
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    17. CrazyCoin
      So for 2 weeks ive been real busy i dont even think about jacking it, maybe the its best to just stay busy to keep the mind off porn.
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    18. CrazyCoin
      have not been able to work because i want to just stay home and jackoff dang need to get back in control..of myself i took a whole week off
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      2. Deleted Account
        Deleted Account
        Don't do it man. Is gonna take all your vitality for life. And you gonna feel like crap everytime.
        Oct 8, 2022
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    19. CrazyCoin
      If you want to do great things in life you have to give up Porn it will only keep you from your dreams. Don't let it take your freedom
    20. CrazyCoin
      what is a good punishment for a relapse no games for 1 day, or do 100 pushups or maybe take a cold shower for 1 day..
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      3. CrazyCoin
        I would have to wait till its a day,im not working,
        Sep 25, 2022
      4. from2003
        Oh , see brother take proper rest and leave to the body and punishment can be start from tomorrow.
        Sep 25, 2022
      5. Deleted Account
        Deleted Account
        100 push ups
        Sep 25, 2022
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    October 30
    Just a Guy who enjoys videogames but also trying to get control of my porn addiction..that i developed at a early age..