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Aug 23, 2022
Jul 20, 2021
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Sep 9, 1981 (Age: 42)

Jim Mercury

Fapstronaut, Male, 42, from Netherlands

Just starting but motivated as hell! Jul 20, 2021

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Aug 23, 2022
    1. krishna _ 1
      krishna _ 1
      i am addicted to mastrubation a lot bro
      i will do it for as many number of times as i can per day
      is this the reason for all this?
      i dont want to trouble my girl
      so i decided to die
    2. krishna _ 1
      krishna _ 1
      i tried NoFap for 2 weeks and results were great
      like i feel like i am back
      but again these same sex fantasies are coming back
      i read a lot of articles in internet all are saying i am GAY or BI
      i know there is nothing wrong with being that
      but i strongly know that that's not my path
      i really have no intention to have sex with a male in real
      i swear
      i confused about my sexuality a lot
      i cant live like this
    3. krishna _ 1
      krishna _ 1
      between i also mastrubate for me having sex with a female which by honest only gives me pleasure feeling
      i am 22 right now
      from last two months only same sex fantasies are high
      they are ON for max time i dont know whats happening with me?
      tbh i love a girl so much bro i saw my future with her and i want to marry her
      but i am not perfect right?
    4. krishna _ 1
      krishna _ 1
      i am a male bro and i get sometimes same sex fantasies
      like me having some kind of sex with a male
      they urge me to mastrubate and when i do it it leaves me a lot of guilt
      when i was 12,some of my friends bullied me as i am gay from then
      i believe i started having those fantasies
      these same sex fantasies rarely come and go
    5. krishna _ 1
      krishna _ 1
      hi bro
      i am facing severe sex related problem
      i have no hope in life other than suicide
      will you listen?
      1. Jim Mercury
        Jim Mercury
        I'm open for help. Start by posting your story on the forums. There's always hope and a way out other than suicide!
        May 21, 2022
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      2. vxlccm
        great advice
        May 21, 2022
    6. Abel100%
      Hola saludos , vaya ya casi completa el año desde que te registrarte acá en la página de Nofap, así estoy yo también, por esa época de julio me registre acá , y bueno tengo los 39 años...La meta terminar sin PMo Mayo y después romper mi mejor racha 50 días ...saludos
    7. Jim Mercury
      Jim Mercury
      Just starting but motivated as hell!
      1. Deleted Account
        Deleted Account
        Hoe gaat het daar??
        Sep 16, 2021
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    Sep 9, 1981 (Age: 42)
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    40 year old porn addict for 25 years. Living with my lovely wife and two kids in the Netherlands.


    "Pas à pas se va luenh"
    ("Step by step, we make our way.” ― Kate Mosse, Labyrinth)

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