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May 11, 1993 (Age: 30)

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Fapstronaut, Male, 30

If it will be one beautiful day in your life without PMO then it's worth the hardest fights!!! Mar 10, 2016

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Nov 9, 2022
    1. hocdvictim15
      Hey kriss93,Have you been able to get your heterosexual thoughts back and reduced AGP thoughts?
    2. krishna _ 1
      krishna _ 1
      hi bro this is krishna i am suffering with a sexual issue can we please talk in private please i need some help from you
    3. Penninesandcheviots
      Hey man I found you through a post regarding Autogynephilia, I'm suffering the same thing, just wanted to come and see how you're doing, and maybe discuss it a little if you're up for it :). Just knowing im not alone in this helps so much. Thanks for that.
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      2. kriss93
        Hey man. Thanks for reaching out. Feel free to write me a message And we Can talk :)
        Mar 4, 2020
    4. Roady
      How is life with you? Quite a while ago we met each other on my journal. I hope all is well with you.
    5. Zamyou
      Hey man ive seen you on reddit too and im going through the exact same shit you have... are you on Discord? Would be nice to support each other to get through this!
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      2. kriss93
        Hey man. It's good to hear that we aren't alone. I'd prefer to speak in private message first. Feel free to write me your story, how you got to this state of yours, currently how you feel, and what's your future plan. Contact me in Private message.
        Sep 16, 2018
    6. iRebootMyself
      Long time didn't hear from you, how is it going bro?
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    7. Hiraeth
      How are you doing bro?
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      2. kriss93
        Hey. Have we spoke yet ? I dont remember Your account name :/
        Mar 6, 2017
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    8. Headspace
      Hi Kriss, sorry, I deleted my videos because I couldn't keep up with what I was saying myself (I kept relapsing). I haven't had serious issues for a while. During my relapses I watched homosexual porn a few times, but this hardly counts for me anymore, as I am aware this isn't real life. How are you doing?
    9. DayDreamer
      Hey dude, i got the same problem as you! Well, for me it started at my 24th after a transwoman encounter. before that i had gay fantasies etc. but never thoughts anything about it because outside mo never had any gay thought etc. so wierd men
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      2. kriss93
        I haven't had sex but yea, quite feeling the same man. How could overcome this emasculation fetish?
        Aug 28, 2016
    10. Joekyte2
      Hey kriss93, I just joined nofap today and I noticed that I'm passing through something like you, I would really like to talk to you and exchange some experiences and opinions. I wish you the best bro!
    11. kriss93
      If it will be one beautiful day in your life without PMO then it's worth the hardest fights!!!
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    12. amazing_raphael
      bro i am new to this ,wish you success.....
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    13. kriss93
      So you think that your "SSA" developed because of you don't have friends, and friend relationships with other males?
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    14. kriss93
      Hey. I think I get that my friend!
    15. Virile Agitur
      Virile Agitur
      I thought it would be better to continue the conversation here.

      When we go out, I pay attention to my wife mostly—but I do notice other men around, yes.

      What's most difficult is that I work from home, and working from home keeps me from interacting with other men in a healthy way. That, in turn, leads to lonesomeness, and lonesomeness to fantasy. Make sense?

      Michael here, by the way.
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    May 11, 1993 (Age: 30)
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