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Sep 17, 2014
Nov 23, 2013
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Distinguished Fapstronaut, from UK

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Sep 17, 2014
    1. HopeFaith
      Hi Mark, I would like to learn some of the stuff you are talking about too. Any chance you could guide me?
    2. johnXterran
      Hi Mark i just read your posts and they are really helpful. i was just wondering if you're still active on this website despite what it says on your profile because i would really love to talk with you and ask you some questions.
    3. chase
      way to go Mark, it's been 1 YEAR since you said NO to PMO, congratulations man, and keep up the good work !! :cool:
      1. Kurapika likes this.
    4. Mark
      Cheers NeOnani! The encouragement is appreciated. Wishing you all the best mate:)
    5. NeOnani
      Just wanted to drop by and say I think your posts are great.

      Absolute respect for your goals of no P nor M again.
    6. Mark
      Hi ColeO! Yes I did the 90, cheers for message.:) I keepmeaning to do a reboot report type thingy but things just gone mad at work AND home his past week so soon as the dust settles I will. Hope you are well? Keep going mate;)
    7. ColeO
      You did it! You beat your goal and kept going! :D how does it feel?
    8. wishingtoquitforever
      Hey man! I'm reading through some of your past threads and they're totally awesome, especially one meditation one. Appreciate it very much!
    9. ColeO
      Very interesting! Normally I tell myself "No!" repeatedly and that works but only after a whole so I'll try doing your suggestion more. Sometimes listening to music or using my energy to exercise helps too. But when you really want to do it, you suddenly can't lift an arm towards your headphones or get out of bed to do even one push up. So I'll try it step by step, accepting and breathing and then getting up to do something else. Thanks for that!
    10. ColeO
      Thanks man! I found it one night when I was still hooked on porn and feeling hopeless. And that quote kicked me into shape and now I'm out of porn but still is masturbation. I'll try my hardest to resit, and good luck with your goals too! Cool avatar!
    11. ColeO
      Hey man! You're 9 days from your goal! Great work, keep it up! :D
    12. Deleted Account
      Deleted Account
      Hey Jilted, just wanted to say I'm grateful there's someone as vigilant and consistent on these forums as you. You're a great help, and keep this place very lively and interesting (and efficient too), glad you're a fellow fapstronaut!
      1. sanakiria likes this.
    13. Corcoran978
      Hey man, I really like what you have to say in your posts. You sound like a really smart guy. You give me hope and inspiration. Do you have a link to your journal? I'd like to see how far you've come from in your journey. Thanks!
    14. Mark
      Hi aron, thanks for the message, that sounds really cool, it would be worth you starting a thread on that as i reckon that could help a lot of people on here? Thanks again :)
    15. aron
      Hey jiltedjohn,

      Thank you for recommending the book "Changing for Good". I promised to give you props for it, so here it is. Now I want to return the favor and make another awesome suggestion; the book is called "Treating pornography addiction The essential tools for recovery" by PhD Kevin B Skinner. This book deals with porn addiction, and it's constructed like a workbook, having exercises that one needs to do, and the best part is that it's based on the "Changing for good" book. It follows the steps outlined in the mentioned book.
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    What seems to us as bitter trials are often blessings in disguise~ Oscar Wilde

    What if your current challenge is a call to action, a rallying cry that will prepare you for the next phase?

    The Way of Harmony
    Sexual Energy Transmutation