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Nov 18, 2014
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Just got to 52 days. Very proud of myself. I am a success. Dec 16, 2015

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Mar 30, 2016
    1. SerpentEagleHeart
      Just got to 52 days. Very proud of myself. I am a success.
      1. Battlemaster Lotus Praxis
        Dec 16, 2015
    2. SerpentEagleHeart
      Just got to 52 days then reset. Afraid my girlfriend will be able to tell somehow. Any advice?
      1. taqwa
        Be honest with her. Nothing better than transparency in a relationship. Women have a 6th sense. If you wait, and she figures it out, you will lose. You tell her, she may be mad at first, but she will appreciate your honesty. Good luck.
        Dec 15, 2015
      2. SerpentEagleHeart
        Thanks friend. Think I will. I am proud of myself for getting to 52 days though!
        Dec 16, 2015
    3. SerpentEagleHeart
      I am at 51 days and starting to slip a bit even though I've been strong so far! Just a reminder to myself to stay strong and realign.
    4. Gentleman WriterDreamer
      Gentleman WriterDreamer
      I am so sorry for leaving without a word and causing worry . I thought it would just be for a few days but I got swept up in health and family stuff.
      1. SerpentEagleHeart
        oh do not worry. glad to have you back!
        Dec 14, 2015
    5. Ankur Sharma
      Ankur Sharma
      please help me if you can
      1. SerpentEagleHeart
        sent you a message
        Sep 2, 2015
    6. SerpentEagleHeart
      I am crazy horny all day every day right now. Any tips to get through it?
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      3. Knight Solaire
        Knight Solaire
        Keep busy at all times. Your mind can't grab ahold of you if you don't let yourself dwell on sexual thoughts. Keep your mind and you body occupied and you will find it is easier than you think.

        Hobbies are very easy to use to keep away from such thoughts.
        Aug 28, 2015
      4. Icyweb
        leave the room when you feel urges starting. Spend time around people, cut yourself off from the internet and tv for a few days, and when you feel an urge, do something completely different, like brush your teeth or drink a glass of water.
        Aug 28, 2015
      5. SerpentEagleHeart
        Thanks for advice, guys - have been cold showering, trying to redirect my focus and will do other activities too! I think what you've all made me realise is that I am stewing in it hoping it'll go away, but it won't, I need to do other things for it to lessen. Thanks!
        Aug 29, 2015
    7. SerpentEagleHeart
      Today is the start of my 90 challenge to remove P from my life completely.
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      2. Elduderino

        PMO sucks, don't do PMO. :P
        Jul 3, 2015
      3. axy_david
        do cookies instead. They have sugar.
        Aug 20, 2015
    8. NoBrainer
      I'm glad to see you're back up to double figures bro! Well done. :)
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      2. SerpentEagleHeart
        Thanks man! Yeah feeling good. Not even been thinking about PMO for ages so really feeling the change. Thanks for all your help!
        Jun 15, 2015
    9. SerpentEagleHeart
      We're now 40,000 members!
    10. SerpentEagleHeart
      Right. This latest reset has just straight up depressed me. I need to go away for a bit and work out what I'm doing. I will be back.
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      2. Philip1990
        a man on a journey , i hope you find what you look for
        Apr 14, 2015
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    Been trying to give up PMO for years. This summer I went two weeks and went into a massive flatline. Without knowing what it was I decided to force myself to PMO to get my libido back!

    Then I discovered NoFap and realised that it goes away. Phew!

    Take care of BLAHST - Boredom, Loneliness, Anger, Hunger, Stress, or Tiredness.

    Really excited to go on this journey and see what I can do with my life!


    "The opposite of addiction is connection" - Johann Hari.
    And there's my journal too!