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    Well, I am only going to give a summary, to not bore you to death...
    I am 24 and currently I have PIED, i have been off porn for 67 days, thank god... And I feel
    I have been on a destructive PMO cycle since i was 13, stopped a few times and then came back, probably for lack of awareness to what I was doing to myself and probably for the fact that at that time I changed countries and my parents separated, so double blow...
    Classic story, blame it on the parents...

    Anyways, I cant blame them, shit happens, and I guess the time is right to stop victimizing myself and take actions into my own hands, so I looked for solutions and for now the best I found is the Nofap road, no PMO, no MO and no O, I got educated on the subject and chose to go 90 days hard mode, but considering the amount of years I spent PMO'ing, the damages to my libido are considerable and will require more time (according to other rebooters minimum 3 months, maximum 2 years, but every case is different).
    I am sure i will never watch porn again, but I still dont know yet if after the 90 days hard mode, ill stick with hard mode for another three months or more or if I am going to try and have some sort of sexual experience, like M without O or simply MO and then transition to sex, cause currently i am not doing any of these even when the occasional erection appears, since some Fapstronauts advise to start slow, because some times O'ing after some amount of time may take you to another flatline( the recovery process is extremely complex)

    I dont think I was really addicted to porn because as soon as I found out about the negative effects (wich was like 67 days ago), it was a no brainer, and it hasnt even been that hard to be honest to not PMO, what has been hard is dealing with the effects of the flatline, brain fog, the general lack of motivation in almost all endeavors, the diminishing of social skills and so on...

    I currently dont have any relationship because i started to feel the effects of the PIED 3 years ago and it felt logical to stop going out, the advice that some people give is to go out and meet people, but take out the sexual factor, I guess I could do that, the problem for me is how will the person react and how to introduce the issue in the first place and hope to keep the partner, hope u guys can help in this issue...

    I cant say its all been bad, the sense of guilt after the O is gone, and spiritually i feel more resilient and for the first time in a long time I feel confident about the future or at least less insecure, but at the same time I feel the despair and emptiness that comes with the realization of the absurdity of life how Albert Camus would put it...

    I am exercising and occasionally meditating, the exercise helps to blow off steem and the meditation diminishes the effects of the constant brain fog and teaches patience since i still have a long way to go, but still I think I can do more....

    If anyone knows any effective motivational tools I would appreciate it.

    Learning how to deal with people and how to address this issue publicly would help too...

    And I am open to an accountability partnership whoever is interested can send me a personal message, and I will reply as soon as I can.

    Well thats my story, hope to hear from u guys soon, cheers