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Fapstronaut, Male, from Japan

feel relieved Oct 21, 2019

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Nov 12, 2019
    1. TellentLeaf
      The urge has subsided :) It's a dangerous rebooting trip lol.
    2. TellentLeaf
      I feel hard now. I barely keep reason.
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    3. TellentLeaf
      I thought that it was tighter on the third day, For me it's harder on the 4th day lol.
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    4. TellentLeaf
      4th Day. My body hurts a little, but my condition is not bad
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      2. Deleted Account
        Deleted Account
        Keep Grinding!
        Apr 7, 2018
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    5. TellentLeaf
      Good Night dear life changers.
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      2. Happy Gnome
        Happy Gnome
        Belated good night!
        Apr 6, 2018
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      3. TellentLeaf
        Thanks you.
        Apr 6, 2018
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    6. TellentLeaf
      3rd days done. Thanks for this community, I feel good when I'm fighting PM.
      1. Happy Gnome
        Happy Gnome
        Keep it up!
        Apr 6, 2018
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    7. TellentLeaf
      Emmergence, so I go to walk right now.
    8. TellentLeaf
      Only time gets passed away unnecessarily. I feel such a sense
    9. TellentLeaf
      I feel vague pain. My consciousness has been staring all the way.
    10. TellentLeaf
      I think eating habits have causes uncontrolable reason. I want to talk in detail at some opportunity.
    11. TellentLeaf
      I desperately deserve to endure, but I believe it will not be in vain.
    12. TellentLeaf
      I want to reboot my life. I belive myself who may dream shiny future.
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    13. TellentLeaf
      I have a hard time to endure my greed.3rd day. I think here is a critical battle against greed for fap.
    14. TellentLeaf
      Greed for masturbation was fierce when the weather changed all the time. My reason is stunned because it is sunny, raining and cloudy today
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    15. TellentLeaf
      Third day. It's raining today. The pressure is low. As usual it is a sick day, but I'm fine.
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    16. TellentLeaf
      Nofap's motivation is to imagine tomorrow's condition of the body,and spirit . Good Night.
    17. TellentLeaf
      My reason has been stunned all day
    18. TellentLeaf
      I read "Your Blain On Porn" every day when greed is stronger. It's difficult to read if there's no translation software support. Nice book.
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    19. TellentLeaf
      Japanese pressure in this year is intense. Recently I'm trying to drink medicine for motion sickness.
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      3. {Ananta}
        i dont know how to explain, i so sorry
        Apr 5, 2018
      4. TellentLeaf
        Changes in the body caused by changes in barometric pressure are related to the inner ear, and its mechanism is said to be the same as car sickness.

        So When the pressure changes greatly, I try to drink medicine for motion sickness beforehand.
        Apr 5, 2018
      5. TellentLeaf
        It's okay, Thanks.
        Apr 5, 2018
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    20. TellentLeaf
      I am apt to collapse due to changes in atmospheric pressure. The reason will be dull at that time.
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    August 21
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    Hello Nofap, everyone.
    I'm 24y / o man in Japan. PMO challenging now(4/8).1 relapsed.

    I will tell you about me according to the official recommended topics.
    To make you interested in me even a little, you can only read where you want to read.

    How long I have been using porn-12years
    Since I was 7 years old, porn magazine was familiar. I sneaked into my father's room with lots of porn magazine and was reading them.

    And at the age of 12, serious porn dependence began. I have a cell phone. I do not know myself for 12 years I was released from pornography.

    Now, I become to masturbate seven times and ten times a day. I can do it three times in thiry minutes.

    The impact pornography use has had on my life
    - Especially No energy and Addiction

    I have many things I wanted to do. I have a hope.

    However, at the same time I was lethargic and behaving suspicious, and I was anxious. I was often misunderstood about my character by other people.

    I rejected consciously being able to do relationships.

    I was unable to sleep unless I had to masturbate (for years). I could not sleep on a day when I did not masturbate.

    It was so annoying to build a relationship with a woman.
    And I always gave it up on the way.

    My head was full of PORN.
    All the pain, discomfort, and stress were diverged with Porn Masturbation.
    I also masturbated many times on the go.

    I had little in a year to think that the psychological problem I had was caused by pornography.

    Because Porn Masturbation was a pleasant experience. Even though a feeling of apathy later struck, I felt good and I could not quit.

    Up to now I could abstain of Porn Masturbation in three weeks when I went homestay in America about 10 years ago .

    And it was 8 days last year that I decided Nofap strongly once.

    After relapse, I was not sure of my resolve and my state at that time.

    Instead I felt the lust with masturbation.

    However, last year's Nofap Challenge, I gained valuable experience .

    I gained valuable experience of betting every day to Nofap.
    Even if I failed Nofap and my days were wasted.

    And I started noticing that I was pointing my energy to pornography.

    Why I have decided to quit using porn-
    The Time has come. I Regain the initiative of my life

    Because the time has come. To regain the initiative of life.

    I decided Nofap this time because I clearly thought that opening up from porn might lead to solving the problems that I had over the years.
    And I cleary decided to invest in my time to become free from porn.

    I became depressed and spent a lot of days I couldn't move.

    It took me a while to change myself from that state, but changed my way of life, changed my eating habits and changed my residence.

    However, I definitely did not solve my lethargy or fragility.

    And only myself who has not changed and only pornographic addiction remained.

    Just before Nofap, I was masturbating while saying "I am doing what I am. Please help me."

    I changed my way of living, changed my eating habits, changed my residence.
    There were lots of things I wanted to do and I had a desire to restart my life. I wanted to bloom my talent. However, the body does not move with lethargy.

    And I put the time I can use for myself in masturbation.

    When I fell down to despair as I fell down, a strong determination for Nofap was born in my heart.

    When I felt a strong desperation I had the characteristic that I strongly thought I would go forward.

    And I thought seriously how to achieve Nofap.

    There were individual differences in the spirit, I thought that Nofap could not be realized just by fighting.

    I was convinced that "Well understanding 'pornography addiction and brain' " was a means to solve the Nofap that I had challenged and could not clear.

    And as I became healthy by changing my habitation, I came to access information around the world in English.

    For me who is a Japanese who uses mother tongue for everyday language and learning, Internet in English wasn't familiar.

    There are lot of The rich, logical and scientific information what I am exactly looking for.

    Let me introduce a book that has become impudent to access overseas information.

    "Energy and Eros Teaching on the Art of Love
    James Newton Powell"

    I did not know it at all before, but it became a book that gives us awareness that "Eros is the driving force of people."
    Semen is a symbol of energy in ancient India and China. In China it seems there was an idea that women are not deprived of energy by not sperm out. It was scales from the eyes.

    "The Compass of Pleasure"

    It scientifically states that all pleasures and dependence are problems of the brain.
    And this year I could not be satisfied with the information in Japan, and for the first time I caught a foreign book, I got to know the value of deepening my understanding of my porn addict.


    The first book that accessed overseas information of porn addiction. This book has recognized this problem well in the world, handled carefully, and taught me what is being discussed well.

    And now I think that understanding the porno addiction and deep understanding of the NoFap community is the key to rebooting.

    I am endowed with three opportunities to recognize the porn addiction problem, resolve to quit porn, and access the appropriate information well.

    Time has matured.

    To regain my life.

    Finally - I find AP and I'm waiting for your message.

    I do not think Porn and PORNOSTARs themselves are evil .
    They themselves are shining and they are very beautiful.

    But commercially,There are aspects that the Internet PORNO industryabnormally stimulate us and creates sexual desire, hopes that we will get addiction, regardless of our health status, and they realize these.

    And I think that this is not a mechanism that all people can endure.

    Especially I sensitive to pornography, I need an understanding of advanced PORN technologies and ADDICTION in particular.

    I understand Nofap does not criticize people who do not force or practice to someone who fap and relapse.
    But I aware that it is an individual fight.

    I am looking for an understandable accountability partner regardless of gender.

    I find AP who Respect each other's challenge and mind and change the NoFap days to a good day.

    I am challenging 30 days now, but I will continue my reboot and set new goals each time I clear it.

    If you can sympathize with me, if you are interested, please give me a message.

    I do not know myself free from porn for 12 years.

    "My life may change" This is my hope, the hope always saves me.

    When I masturbate in pornography, I am satisfied at that time, I feel loneliness even though I am lonely.

    I want to be a person who accept loneliness.

    Thank you for reading;)