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  1. Eoghan mac Phádraig
    Eoghan mac Phádraig
    It's going fairly well, thanks for asking. My avatar depicts stairs climbing out of a gorge. I use it because of the visual metaphor of ascending, but also because this is in one of my favourite places in the world.
    Jun 21, 2019
  2. Deleted Account
    Deleted Account
    That's exactly what I understood from your avatar :-) I love it!
    Jun 21, 2019
  3. Pure Taste
    Pure Taste
    Stairways to Heavensgate. Angels don´t have to be afraid.
    Jun 21, 2019
  4. Eoghan mac Phádraig
  5. Pure Taste
    Pure Taste
    XD Dunno!
    Jun 22, 2019