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  1. Deleted Account
    Deleted Account
    27-1 is the score. You’re kickin ass, my man. Right back up with ya!
    Oct 31, 2019
  2. Dojokyoto
    What made you break it? You don't have to say it. But you know that wasn't worth it. Porn can be a form of self punishment. There is no reason to punish yourself. Give yourself love that you truly deserve. Stay strong :-)
    Oct 31, 2019
  3. GloryHound1
    I went through some stressful shit last week, and I thought it might give me a high. Nope lol.
    Nov 1, 2019
  4. Coffee Candy
    Coffee Candy
    Sorry to see that, Glory Hound. All you've achieved is nott lost thouughh :)
    Nov 2, 2019
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