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  1. Roady
    Hi mr. Owl, thanks for passing by. I'm quite fine, but "working on certain issues". It's summer here, so that means: days of sun, and days of rain :)
    How are you these days?
    Jul 6, 2020
  2. One Eyed Owl
    One Eyed Owl
    Sounds good Mr. Roady.
    I kind wish we would get rain, but I unfortunately live in a California desert.
    I'm doing well Mr. Roady, have been trying to figure out if it's worth getting a job or not.
    Jul 8, 2020
  3. Roady
    Working seems to be a good thing, no?
    Why shouldn't you get a job? Is that corona-related?
    Jul 8, 2020
  4. One Eyed Owl
    One Eyed Owl
    @Roady Yeah I'm just kinda of worried that stores would close again.
    Jul 11, 2020