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  1. sikreodds97
    What symptoms do you have? Do you feel bad all the time or have had any "good" days?

    I have been in flatline for 4 years but have relapsed a lot. I have had many 4+ month streaks and now im on 9 months.
    Apr 28, 2021
  2. Red Moon
    Red Moon
    Symptoms :

    - No libido
    - Genital Numbness and shrinkage
    - Penis feels disconnected from body
    - Penis skin colour is different because of lack of blood flow
    - Low motivation
    - I also have emotional numbness and brain fog

    I would say...i´m living the same day, everyday. Because of the emotional numbness, i'm detached from day to day experiences. It's frustrating...what symptoms do you have ?
    Apr 28, 2021
  3. sikreodds97
    Have you had any relapses in those 20 months?
    My symptoms are social anxiety, emotional numbness, depression, anxiety. Mostly mental. My libido has gotten better but i dont worry about the libido, i just want my emotions back and my confidence again.
    Apr 29, 2021
  4. Red Moon
    Red Moon
    I have 23 months of Nofap Hardmode ( No Pmo ). The Flatline began in the third month. In 23 months, i have 18 relapses, the equivalent of 1 hour of Pmo.

    Yes, the emotional numbness destroys the ability to enjoy any aspect of life. It´s hard.
    Apr 29, 2021