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  1. Deleted Account
    Deleted Account
    Nice, keep it up larry
    Aug 7, 2022
  2. D_rax
    This is awesome. Great video. You're 100% right: There's not enough content about this for women. I'd encourage you to continue to make more!!
    Aug 7, 2022
  3. IR254
    Damn, you're brave. I think I wouldn't have it in me to openly talk about my addiction openly for everyone to see. I agree with a lot you said and I think this can benefit a lot of folks, especially women. Thanks for sharing this.
    Aug 7, 2022
  4. ThinkSmarter
    Well, very great video full of truths, I didn't saw anyone opening up about it to help others open up too, so I thought to be the first.
    Aug 7, 2022
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